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Fabrics by Koppermann.

Greige or pre-treated. For fascinating creations and exciting developments that inspire. Something new every day.

As one of Europe’s leading premium suppliers of fabrics, we offer a wide range of standard items for a wide variety of applications. We are always developing new articles for and with our customers and are able to produce special items in compliance with your individual requirements. Our organic product range is produced exclusively in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

As a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, we also contribute to sustainable cotton production. Thanks to almost 100 years of experience and our policy of careful production partner selection and emphasis on long-term business relationships, we always know where best to produce each article in accordance with the desired quality standards and at the best price.

Technical applications

The number of ways to use textile surfaces is growing rapidly. Our greige fabrics can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from coarse fabric for polishing discs and tubular webbing to rewoven backing for coating. Take our greige fabrics for sun protection for example: Tencel® blended fabrics and polyester/cotton blended fabrics with elastolefin (EOL) for workwear offering the wearer improved freedom of movement. Thanks to extensive experience, we have what it takes to produce even the most sophisticated special articles for our customers.

Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH
Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH
Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH
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Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH
Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH


We know fashion. And we provide finishing companies directly with just the right greige fabrics. Theses companies then further process the fabrics with applications such as dyeing and printing. Only then do the products enter the fashion industry, which uses this high-quality material to produce ready-made garments. Koppermann fabrics can be found in women’s and men’s clothing from well-known brands such as Boss, Joop, Diesel, Boss Orange Line, Hugo, Strellson, Braxx, Betty Barclay, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.

Finished fabrics

As a specialist, Koppermann has been offering pre-treated and finished fabrics in addition to the greige fabric selection for many years. Pre-treatment includes singeing, desizing, bleaching, mercerizing, causticizing, alkalizing, optical brightening and heat setting. Our finished fabrics are either bleached, dyed or printed. And ready to use.

Koppermann & Co. GmbH
Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH
Gewebe Koppermann & Co. GmbH
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