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We measure our business based on your needs. In addition to personal support and expert advice on all aspects of our product range, Koppermann Service offers custom financing models, flexible warehousing conditions, modern logistics services and expert currency management. We are the partner of choice when it comes to product developments and always provide our customers with the latest market information from the textile world.

Our team of experts is here to personally answer any questions you may have about our products and services. Thanks to our global network and reliable partnerships with production facilities, associations, agents and finishing specialists, we are able to meet even the most demanding product requirements, providing you with genuine added value.

A pleasant journey for textile variety.
We weave it all together to create the ideal transport chain. We rely on proven collaboration with shipping lines, forwarding agents and cargo airlines. We make sure that our freight has no problems clearing customs. We handle all of the formalities from tariffing to customs clearance. By consolidating shipments of goods, we also ensure considerable reductions in the consumption energy and raw materials. In addition to looking at cost aspects, we select the means of transport in consideration of resource conservation.

All our Koppermann products exhibit the same high quality. That is why we are always working to guarantee quality assurance and to optimize it as much as we can. Our quality standards are very high. Each item is produced at foreign factories in compliance with these high standards. Our own quality assurance teams monitor production at the production facilities. And check every lot before shipment. At Koppermann headquarters, our QA team carries out sample tests, washing tests and laboratory tests in close collaboration with our purchasing and sales staff. This guarantees ongoing exchange of information and enables us to react quickly should we identify any deviations in quality. Regular internal and external employee training strengthens their expertise and deepens their knowledge of the complex quality requirements that must be met by system textiles as well as greige fabrics. We also place importance on effectively advising the production facilities, especially when it comes to the development of new articles or expansion investments. In addition to meeting strict quality requirements, we are fully committed to compliance with minimum social and environmental standards along the production and supply chain in line with our sustainable corporate policy. We do this by conducting our own initiatives and pilot projects as well as by participating in initiatives run by the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. For more fairness in textile production.

As in all of our business relationships, we are committed to long-term collaboration when it comes to warehousing and logistics. We work with one of the most modern transport and logistics partners in the industry. All processes and facilities meet the Global Organic Textile Standard. The multi-functional logistics hall near Hamburg, which was built in summer 2016, has a neutral carbon footprint thanks to the use of geothermal and solar energy.

In addition to an ultra-modern vehicle fleet, state-of-the-art warehouses and efficient logistics, we also have access to the technical infrastructure necessary to guarantee the greatest possible transparency in order processing. Not to mention effective transport and logistics management. After all, the merchandise you purchase from Koppermann still has to safely travel a few kilometers before it is further processed and delivered to your warehouse or directly to your customer.

The powerful vehicle fleet meets green logistics standards and each truck at the very least meets the Euro 5 emissions standard. The fleet is also used almost exclusively in combined transport. Computer-supported route optimization and driver training ensure low CO² emissions, company-internal training and processes contribute to environmental protection. We reduce the environmental impact of small consignments by combining shipments. Most transports to Italy are done by rail under environmentally friendly conditions.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, our own textile experts and our strong production partners, we are able to implement new articles and designs exclusively according to customer requirements. This applies to new contract textile developments as well as to fabric developments (greige, pre-treated, finished).

Another advantage of Koppermann is our financial strength, which we use to the benefit of our partners. In addition to the services described above, we also offer individual financing solutions upon request.

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